Pride Flag - Rainbow Flag Printed Vinyl
Pride Flag - Rainbow Flag Printed Vinyl
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Pride Flag - Rainbow Flag Printed Vinyl

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Our printed vinyl is available in Outdoor/Adhesive Vinyl, Laminated Adhesive Vinyl, or Heat Transfer Vinyl. Choose your vinyl type, scale of the graphic and sheet size in the menus. As you click on each different "tiling option," (graphics scale) you will be able to see how each option will look. The picture shown represents a 12x12" sheet.

This vinyl is compatible with all brands of craft cutters including Silhouette and Cricut, as well as commercial plotters.

OUTDOOR/ADHESIVE VINYL: Outdoor vinyl is printed with Eco-Solvent Inks on a commercial printer, on high-quality gloss outdoor vinyl. The vinyl has a 5+ year outdoor life before any signs of fading will be present. This vinyl does not need lamination and will not bleed.

LAMINATED ADHESIVE VINYL: Laminated sheets are available to extend the outdoor life to 7+ years and prevent scratches. The laminated sheets are regular outdoor adhesive vinyl with a sheet off vinyl laminate applied to the top. This adds about twice the thickness and enables the vinyl to be handled without damaging the design (think cup decals and cell phone decals).

HEAT TRANSFER VINYL: HTV is Siser brand, printed with Eco-Solvent Inks. Recommended for use with a Heat Press but can also be applied with an iron. HTV Transfer Material is also required and one sheet will be included with your order. These sheets are reusable multiple times, so be sure to save them, but you may wish to order additional sheets if you're pressing more than 5-6 sheets. Additional sheets can be ordered by clicking here! HTV can be applied to Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blends or leather. Instructions will be included. We encourage you to view this short, helpful video on applying printed HTV if you've never used it before - it applies differently from solid-colored HTV. Video link ----> Click here!

SIZES: Available in 12" x 12" or 12" x 24" sheets. Sheets may be +/- 1/2". 12" x 24" sheets will be two 12" x 12" images side by side, which in some cases will be seamless and in some case will not be. Please inquire in advance if you would like to check on this ahead of time.

CUT SETTINGS: We will send you a small sample piece of our vinyl with your order so that you can determine the best cut settings to use in your particular craft cutter. Each machine varies according to the brand, blade type, blade wear, and other factors. Doing a test cut prior is the best way to determine your settings and our free sample pieces make it easy to figure out the best settings for you.


More questions? Check out our Printed Vinyl Info Page or our FAQs.