Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When will my order ship? Our current processing time for regular, non-sale orders is 1-5 business days after your order is placed. This does not include weekends or holidays, and this is the processing time before your item is shipped. The shipping speed will depend on your shipping choice at checkout. We will make every attempt to ship your order right away. In many cases, we are able to ship same-day, but this is not guaranteed. Please note that during sales, our processing time may be slower than usual. Our processing time is subject to change at any time. Please review the "Shipping Info" page for more specific information, and if your order is placed during a sale, the Current Sales info page will also have sale-specific processing times. 
  2. Is there a way to rush my order? Yes! While our normal processing time is 1-5 days, we understand that sometimes you might needs things more quickly. We do offer a Rush Option. Please click here for more info.
  3. How will my vinyl be packaged when it is shipped? We now ship all orders that contain only 12x12" sheets flat. Orders that contain 12x24" sheets will be shipped rolled.
  4. What are your current sales? Check out our Current Sales page or keep an eye on our Facebook page. We also encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to hear about sales as soon as they're announced!
  5. What are the tiling options all about? Tiling options are the scale in which your design will be printed. The main item picture shows the design in a 12", single tile scale. If you choose 12" tiling, your graphic will look very similar in size to the item photo. 6" tiling is a 1/4 scale of the 12" size. So a 12" x 12" sheet would have four 6" tiles of the image. 4" tiling is even smaller and is a 1/3 scale. The advantage to the different tiling options is to be able to choose how much graphic shows on your cuts, depending on whether you're cutting something large or small.In some cases, the tiles are seamless. Some tiles are not seamless. Check the item listing for specific information, or send us an email if you want to double check. 
  6. How do I use your Heat Transfer Vinyl? Please refer to the instructions that came with the vinyl for specific instructions, but the most important thing to remember when cutting is DO NOT MIRROR and cut the vinyl printed side UP. If you are unfamiliar with using printed HTV, we highly recommend watching the following YouTube video for guidance beforehand, and then reaching out to us with any questions you may have. Watch the video here.
  7. What if something is missing/incorrect in my order? Every order is triple checked for accuracy, however we are human and sometimes make mistakes. Please inspect your order upon receipt and bring any mistakes to our attention within 24 hours of delivery, no exceptions.  Send us an email at for assistance. We will need to see pictures of your shipping box/tube, the shipping label, and detailed pictures of everything received. Every package is weighed before shipment so we will compare the weight of what was received with the weight when it left our shop. Pictures of all items & the shipping container and label are required, no exceptions.
  8. Do you do custom work? Yes we do! We love doing custom work! If you have a design you need printed, send us an email. We can also print solid color Outdoor Vinyl & HTV to match colors, Pantone colors, logos, sports team colors, etc. If you have a need or even just an idea, please reach out to us! 
  9. Does all vinyl look the same when printed? Will it look exactly like the website image when printed? The short answer is “not always.” Colors may vary when printed on different types of vinyl. What may appear one way on glossy outdoor vinyl may look slightly darker or more muted when printed on HTV, which is more matte. Laminated vinyl  also has more intense/deep colors than regular outdoor vinyl due to the high gloss. Additionally, please keep in mind that all computer monitors and device screens are different. Images are backlit when being viewed on screens, so again, colors may vary slightly. We do our best to give the best representation of our patterns in our website images.  Please feel free to reach out to us prior to ordering if you have any questions or concerns about colors. Additionally, please see FAQ #8 if you need something specifically color-matched. We can custom print using Pantone colors if you need a specific color match. 
  10. Can I return or exchange my vinyl? Because we custom print your vinyl to order, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please double check that your order is correct before placing it. Once it is placed we put it into production almost immediately and we cannot change it or cancel it, and we are unable to offer exchanges or returns.