About Printed Vinyl

If you're new to printed vinyl, please read over the following information that helps explain more about it. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! More specific product info is listed at the bottom, including our downloadable instruction PDF, links to more videos, and links to info on products we carry.


Outdoor vinyl is printed with Eco-Solvent Inks on a commercial printer, on high-quality gloss outdoor vinyl. We use Oracal brand vinyl that is the printable equivalent to Oracal 651. This vinyl does not need lamination and will not bleed, but laminated sheets are available to extend the outdoor life and to add a layer of scratch resistance. 

Lamination makes the vinyl almost twice as thick and glossier, and intensifies & deepens the look of the colors. It is recommended for decals that will be handled frequently, such as decals used on mugs/cups. 

How to cut printed outdoor & laminated vinyl: We will include a small sample piece with your order. We recommend using this to help figure out your cut settings for your particular machine. Helpful hint: The printed adhesive vinyl is 2.5 mil thick (identical to Oracal 651) but the composition is a little different because of the inks and you may find it harder to weed until you get the hang of it. We recommend starting your test cut close to the setting you use to cut 651 and adjusting up from there. Laminated vinyl can be more difficult to cut as well. Just remember it is twice as thick, so adjust your settings with that in mind. We try to send a larger sample piece of laminated vinyl to help you check your cut settings, since it can be trickier.


Our HTV is Siser brand, printed with Eco-Solvent Inks. It can be applied to Cotton, Polyester, or Cotton/Poly blends. Printed HTV is much different than a product like Siser Easyweed (solid color vinyl) which has the transfer mask built in. With our printed HTV, you will cut the vinyl patterned side up without mirroring, just like you would cut Outdoor Vinyl. Then you will weed your design and use a separate sheet of Transfer Mask to lift the design from the backing. The Transfer Mask can be reused several times, and we will include a sheet for free with your order. If you wish to purchase additional sheets of Transfer Mask to have on hand, we do sell individual sheets here.  

You will press your design with the Transfer Mask still applied, and it acts as an additional protective layer. A Teflon sheet or other protective material is required and is used on top of the Transfer Mask. It is not advised to press without a protective sheet on top of the mask.

Our HTV can be applied to Cotton, Polyester, or Cotton/Poly Blends. It is recommended to be applied using a Heat Press. It can be applied with an iron as well, but we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the best methods of applying with an iron, since it can be very difficult to get your temperature and especially your pressure correct with a home iron. Do not attempt to apply on an ironing board - you will need a much more firm surface. There is a link below on how to apply HTV using an iron. 

Application Directions: Preheat unwashed garment for 2-3 seconds, press for 15 seconds at 300° F, medium pressure, peel the transfer sheet warm (within 5 seconds). Performing a test press is recommended. The general rule of thumb is to press so that the garment’s fabric pattern is visible through the HTV to ensure your pressure is correct. Pressure is one of the most important aspects of a successful press. We highly recommend using pressing pillows, but if you don't have those on hand we recommend using something else to lift the area to be pressed above the seams/pockets/buttons/zippers. You will not be able to get a truly good press without some sort of pressing pillow.

Washing instructions: Turn garment inside out. Machine wash WARM with mild detergent. NO bleach. Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines. Wait 24 hours before first washing. Do not dry clean. Instructions apply to the HTV material only, please follow garment washing instructions as well.

Cut Settings for HTV: We will send you a small sample piece with your order so that you can determine the best cut settings to use in your particular craft cutter. Doing a test cut is the best way to determine the appropriate cut settings for your machine.


HELPFUL VIDEO: We highly recommend the following helpful video to help familiarize yourself with this product. 

How To Weed, Mask and Apply ColorPrint Easy


Product Instruction Sheets and Resources

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