The November Box Is Here!

Welcome VP Box Subscribers! The November box is here and we've included a set of 32 Holiday cuttables for our subscribers this month! Some of these design elements can be pulled out and used year-round, not just during the holidays, so we think you'll find this set fun and useful!

If you're new to SVG files, here's how they work: First, download the set that works with your software (SVG or Studio3 file) from the Dropbox link. Once you download and open the file, you can then pull out the individual elements from the set that you'd like to use. You can re-size them, change the color, or change and use them any way you can imagine. These designs can then be cut in your machine just like any other design! Don't forget, you may need to ungroup the design or elements of the design in order to make changes. 

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us for help if you have any trouble or need an explanation on how to do something. We're here to help!

We hope you enjoy your November box and this set of Holiday cuttables. Enjoy!

Download the SVG file here

Download the Studio3 file here

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